Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Upgrade for XMap 6 Users; Enhanced AutoCAD, MrSID, Data, and GPS Support

DeLorme, the innovation leader in mapping, GIS and GPS technology, today announced the release of its first upgrade for XMap 6 users, a free service patch update designated as XMap 6.1. Key features include new or enhanced support for AutoCAD, MrSID, and the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 handheld GPS, plus a high value data download subscription offer.

The XMap 6.1 service patch is available for download at www.xmap.com/update. The free upgrade includes the following new features:

# AutoCAD .dxf file support —import and export .dxf files for use in CAD applications.
# New GIS Options Tab for configuring layer import and query options

* Center on map Zoom level option
* Choose geometry selection highlight color
* Configurable: large layer definition, and zoom level and count display for query results
* Choose Query Attribute effect and Map Effect

# Access to DeLorme’s Map Library Subscription, for unlimited downloads of aerial imagery, NOAA nautical charts and USGS Quad Maps (only $29.95 per year)
# Enhanced MrSID .aux file support
# Full support updates for the new Earthmate PN-40 handheld GPS

The release of XMap 6.1 consolidates DeLorme’s unique market position as a provider of practical GIS solutions that are within reach of corporations and agencies of all sizes and budgets.
XMap is used by a wide variety of GIS professionals for a broad range of applications, including:

* Oil & Gas Energy – asset management, GPS navigation, field data collection
* Wind Energy – site assessment, wind resource analysis, community collaboration
* Public Safety – search and rescue, evacuation planning, fire and crime analysis
* Environmental and Natural Resource Management – site assessments, habitat studies, back-country GPS navigation
* Insurance – damage assessment, in-vehicle GPS navigation, demographic and market analysis
* Real Estate – appraisal comparisons, listing database management, property mapping
* Local Government- tax parcel mapping, public works management, zoning and code enforcement

Source: www.xmap.com


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