Thursday, October 02, 2008

Geomajas 1.3.0: New Open Source, Web-Based, Editable GIS Software

Download Geomajas 1.3.0, a new open source, web-based, editable GIS software!

A team of expert GIS developers from Belgium have released today Geomajas Version 1.3.0. Geomajas is an open source web-based, thin client GIS software with editing capabilities, and support for complex relation models in the browser. The software has an open architecture enabling easy sharing, integrating and updating of GIS data on multiple servers. It can be used either to build web-mapping systems of the kind popularized by Google Maps, or to build total GIS solutions for the analysis and editing of geographic data or to add geographic data capability to web applications. Geomajas 1.3.0 can be downloaded for free via

Developers of Geomajas are present at FOSS4G, the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference, which is held from September 29 to October 3 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town , South Africa . Each year this conference brings together the best minds from the Open Source geospatial software world to discuss their work. Geomajas will be represented in two presentations and one lab session.

New features in Geomajas 1.3.0 (Geomajas Version 1.2.0 was released in February 2008) include:

* Server side transformations
* Support for Google Chrome and Linux Firefox 2
* Support for Internet Explorer (expected in release 1.3.1)
* OpenStreetMap compatibility
* Support for different Coordinate systems
* Complex feature model through Hibernate Spatial(1 to n, m to n, inheritance)
* Open Street Map tile server support
* New and improved tile cache
* New Maven build process
* Memory leaks fixed for IE
* Faster snapping

Geomajas 1.3.0 can be downloaded for free via


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