Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 and ER Mapper 7.2 on your desktop

ERDAS announces ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3, the next release of the industry’s leading and most complete collection of software tools designed to manipulate, process and understand imagery and vector data.

ERDAS IMAGINE Professional 9.3 includes joint licensing with ERDAS ER Mapper 7.2, providing both products when either is purchased. This change in licensing allows the ERDAS IMAGINE community to use both solutions simultaneously, easily integrating geospatial information into any organization’s business processes.

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 provides more efficient displaying, panning, zooming and editing of vector, annotation and raster data. Vector and annotation data display speed has been improved by 2.5 to 10 times, ensuring more productivity while updating data using imagery.

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 also includes new tools to adjust contrast and filter images, simplifying the process of enhancing imagery to extract subtle features. With Web Mapping Services (WMS) and Web Coverage Services (WCS) for accessing data sources and improved GeoTIFF, NITF, MrSID and ECW performance and projection support, ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 has also increased its data file format authoring capabilities.

Several new modules are also being introduced with ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3. IMAGINE Objective provides object-based multi-scale image classification and feature extraction capabilities for building and maintaining accurate geospatial content. IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection assists users in detecting changes in interferometric SAR data. Map2PDF for IMAGINE provides users tools to convert both images and map compositions into TerraGo Technologies’ GeoPDF data format.

“ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 speeds up the handling of both raster and vector data, providing the tools necessary to quickly deliver the most complete geospatial information to your customers,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, ERDAS. “By providing joint licensing with ERDAS ER Mapper, increasing performance and adding new modules, ERDAS IMAGINE is even more equipped to meet any organization’s integrated geospatial business information needs.”

Each customer shipment will also include sample data sets from DigitalGlobe. The first sample set includes Quickbird OR2A level products delivered with RPCs, featuring two scenes of the same area at different dates, ordered Pan+MSI. The second sample set includes a WorldView-1 Basic level stereo product with two panchromatic scenes taken with the appropriate stereo collection angles.

For more information about ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 or other ERDAS solutions, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 877 GO ERDAS, or visit www.erdas.com.


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