Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Download OpenLayers 2.7

The OpenLayers Development Team is proud to announce release of OpenLayers 2.7.
As always, the source is available at for download.

This release features a number of major developments, including:

* Vector-Behavior: Strategies, Protocols, Filters

* Improved Vector rendering for better performance

* Canvas rendering class

* Z-Ordering and Y-Ordering for Vector layers

* New Basic Measurement Control

* New OpenLayers.Request interface for AJAX

* Smarter Popups

... and tons of other new features and bug fixes that you can see detailed here:

Furthermore, they announce two new additions to the AddIns directory! Yes, it is an exciting day for everyone in the OpenLayers Community. Please take the time to check out:

* Bookmark Control -- Allows user a simple way to 'bookmark' locations on the map and navigate to them. (Author: hpbrantley, URL:

* Loading Panel -- Provides a convenient and sexy animated status monitor so users know their layers are loading (Author: bartvde, URL:

Even they have a nice new UML Diagram to help people out with understanding the new classes in 2.7 and their relationships.



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