Sunday, October 05, 2008

BusinessMAP 5 database mapping solution -- updates

BusinessMAP 5, the latest version of ESRI's affordable, easy-to-use database mapping solution, continues to transform information from databases, contact managers, and spreadsheets into colorful, information-rich maps. Maps created with BusinessMAP allow professionals in all industries to make more informed business decisions for territory design, demographic analysis, customer prospecting, route planning, and more.

Interactive features and data new to this release of BusinessMAP include

* Windows Vista Compatible—It now works with Microsoft's latest operating system and includes updates such as enabling zooming with the mouse wheel.
* Up-to-Date Map Data—It ships with updated U.S. streets, ZIP Codes and other map data including D&B business listings, and demographic data with population estimates and projections.
* Connects Easily to Contact Management Software—Updated links for ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, and Excel allow users to plot and query information geographically, creating groups for targeted mailings and other processes.
* Enhanced Spider Diagrams—Illustrate "many-to-one" relationships with spider diagrams or desire lines, further enhanced to show distance measurements for each line. For example, display lines to illustrate customer traffic to a retail store.
* Create Smart Polygons—Associate attributes to polygons drawn on a map. For example, draw a territory defined by major roads and assign a territory name, sales representative, total number of customers, or other attribute to the polygon.
* Edit Data and Include Latitude and Longitude in Database for Easy Geocoding—A new dual purpose tool permits the editing of data from within BusinessMAP as well as saving the database with latitude and longitude fields. Use the lat/longs for faster geocoding in BusinessMAP or other ESRI applications.
* Add Photos to Maps—Include pictures, such as an office photo or proposed new site, to a specific location right on the map.
* Enhances Google Earth and Google Maps—Share maps by transferring your points and polygons from BusinessMAP to Google Maps or Google Earth. Pull data created with Google Maps into BusinessMAP for advanced customization and analysis.

Features such as color-coded analysis, territory design, ring studies, drive-time analysis and geographic queries along with the ability to bring in and analyze geographic points and information makes BusinessMAP a source of competitive advantage.

"People intuitively process and analyze information presented on a map with a speed and thoroughness that far exceeds looking at the same data displayed on a table, list, or spreadsheet," says Royce Hall, BusinessMAP product manager, ESRI. "BusinessMAP 5 is an excellent way to incorporate mapping into your daily tasks. Anyone who uses information with a geographic component and wants to look at business problems more clearly in order to improve service and enhance operational efficiency will find this software beneficial."

BusinessMAP 5 is available for Windows Vista, XP, or 2000. For more information, visit, call ESRI directly at 1-800-970-0033, or contact your local ESRI distributor. For a current distributor list, visit


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