Friday, September 19, 2008


DAT/EM Systems International is proud to announce the release of Version 4.5 for SUMMIT EVOLUTION. Summit Evolution is the groundbreaking digital (softcopy) stereoplotter developed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and the user experience.

In this latest release, which is available at no cost to all users who have a current support contract, Summit Evolution is now easier, faster, and better. “We are very pleased with this latest upgrade for Summit Evolution.” says Robert Bredlie, Chief Software Engineer at DAT/EM. “We consistently drive to stay ahead of the curve in order to bring our clients the best possible product to fit their needs. With this release, we once more showcase why our stereoplotter is the leading photogrammetric software package on the market today.”

With many new features and product improvements, this upgrade and maintenance release extends the functionality already available within both Summit Evolution and DAT/EM Capture.

Summit Evolution Professional for all CAD/GIS highlights include:

• A Quick Options toolbar to toggle on and off popular features.
• Improved mosaic boundary management and creation.
• Expanded coordinate conversion database.
• A new, editable 2D Super Imposition setting in the status bar.
• Merge/Extract Summit project management tool.
• The Leica Topomouse USB input device.

Capture and Map Editor products for all CAD and GIS interfaces also have many new features. A few of these are listed here.

AutoCAD: DATDRAW (which is only compatible with AutoCAD 2007 or newer) is a new family of commands switching between drawing modes while digitizing a single object. Blocks may be used as filtered objects with the BreakLineFilter command, and a new "drive to ground" toggle option was added to DTM collection.

MicroStation: The ability to collect spot elevations in the editor was added. JOINIT has several new features with improved performance, with three joining methods and smoothing options. Datem Profile now extends to four element placement options as well as additional profile start locations. The ability to break away from the profile and resume later enhances production.

ArcGIS: Expanded zoom options for larger coverage within ArcMap views coincident with Summit Evolution.

A number of other enhancements based on incident reports and user requests were implemented at v4.5. Version 4.5 has been compiled specifically for Windows® XP. Windows VISTA is not supported at this time due to the lack of video drivers supporting stereo viewing.

Summit Evolution Version 4.5 is compatible with the following CAD versions:
o AutoCAD: R14, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
o MicroStation: MicroStation V8 and 2004 Edition
o ArcGIS: ArcMap 9.1 and 9.2
*This version is available but no longer supported. No further development will occur.

The focus of DAT/EM Systems International on user connectivity has led to such innovative components as the realtime Terrain Visualizer, Bird’s-Eye overview, full DiAP import, and the recent hit product Summit Evolution “Lite”. Contact DAT/EM Systems International for more information on Summit Evolution features.



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