Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre- and Post Oblique Images of Hurricane Damage

Pictometry International Corp., a leading provider of geo-referenced aerial image libraries whose patented and proprietary technology is used globally to capture oblique image libraries, has captured new ‘before’ and ‘after’ oblique imagery of property damage caused by Hurricane Ike. The imagery is being used by leading insurance carriers to provide claims staff with immediate access to multiple views of damaged properties.

Pictometry’s proprietary image capture process captures orthogonal and oblique imagery, which is captured from an angle to reveal multiple views of a location with 3D-like quality. Pictometry imagery is being provided to these customers online using Pictometry Online™, a solution designed to give users access to imagery with the speed and convenience of the Internet.

Hundreds of square miles of affected areas in the states of Texas and Louisiana were captured, all within 48 hours after the storm. Pre-disaster imagery was captured in targeted areas roughly 48 hours before the storm’s anticipated arrival. All imagery was captured, processed and delivered to insurance customers within days of the event.

“Pictometry is the leading provider of visual information and a go-to resource for emergency responders. Now, professionals in commercial industries are realizing the value of Pictometry oblique imagery as well,” said Dante Pennacchia, Pictometry’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Simply put, Pictometry solutions enable people to work better, faster and more cost effectively than ever.”



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