Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Attribute Data Collection Tool for ArcGIS Users

Adapx, the company that is changing the way teams collaborate and collect data, today announced that GIS teams can use Capturx Forms for Excel to collect asset attribute data in the field for easy integration into ArcGIS. GIS teams have long used Capturx for ArcGIS to speed up mapping and GIS data collection in the filed using paper maps and digital pens. Capturx Forms for Excel now provides even more options for GIS teams, enabling asset attribute data to be collected and edited on paper forms for import into ArcGIS using a digital pen and Excel. Field professionals enjoy the convenience of collecting data with pen and paper while GIS analysts benefit from immediate access to data without having to transcribe data or wait for paper.

"Capturx Forms for Excel and ArcGIS will speed data collection by utilizing pen and paper-based forms created in Excel," said Eric Drenckpohl, enterprise GIS manager at Port of Seattle. "Capturx already makes it easy for us to create GIS features so I'm very excited that soon we'll be able to collect attribute data in the field on custom Excel forms."

With Capturx, GIS teams can use Excel to easily create custom forms from scratch or by opening existing attribute tables exported from ArcGIS. The forms can be printed on ordinary paper for use in the field by non-technical teams with digital pens.

As teams fill out the forms, they get handwritten paper records and instantly digitized data stored on the pen. Capturx automatically converts and formats the handwritten data through Excel into tables that can be joined with ArcGIS. Capturx for ArcGIS and Capturx Forms for Excel are fully compatible, enabling GIS analysts to use them together or independently with ArcGIS.

"Capturx Forms for Excel brings another big improvement in ArcGIS data collection workflow for users in the field," said Marty Balikov, regional manager at ESRI. "In addition to using Capturx for mapping the location of new features, teams can now also collect extensive digital attribute information in the field by simply using pen on paper."



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