Monday, September 01, 2008

GIS Networks Broadband TV, Internet, and Telephone

Network inventory systems do not increase the turnover or income of operators in a direct way, yet it is thanks to them that operators acquire the operational efficiency expected by their clients and shareholders. Instantaneous access to the information about the network, its components, and parameters of hardware installed, along with its usability statistics and configuration details in today's telecommunications industry, is worth its weight in gold.
Network management of the system allows operators to run processes automatically, which otherwise would take days or even weeks. New client registration, granting access to services, quick launch of new services, network development planning, efficient debt collection, and analyzing the effect of errors are all propelled by network inventory systems.

The extent of benefits of using a network inventory system depends on how well the system reflects the physical network and how many and which business processes make use of the collected data. A hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network is much more complex compared to the traditional copper and optical networks. This is due to the technological aspects of the services provided. It was for this very reason that Polish telecommunications provider ASTER decided to have a new network inventory designed and implemented by a network inventory systems provider.

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