Thursday, September 18, 2008

Earthscape iPhone Application -- free download now

Earthscape, the incredible iPhone application that brings Google-earth to the iPhone, giving the application for free, for a "limited time". Download it now using the link below.
Earthscape presents our planet as it was meant to be seen -- in full 3D. With hundreds of thousands of geotagged wikipedia articles, you can learn about the geological forces that shaped our world, historic events that changed civilization, and monuments we have built in our quest to understand the universe we live in. Or perhaps you are more interested in finding out exactly where the Hollywood sign is, or where the Coliseum in Rome is located -- it's all there. If you like Google Earth on your desktop, you will love Earthscape in your palm.

The entire United States can be viewed in detail, usually comparable or slightly better than current desktop solutions. Imagery outside of the United States is currently limited to 15 meter resolution -- enough to discern major roads, but not houses. As we acquire the rights to use more detailed international imagery, it will be provided to Earthscape users as a free upgrade.

Download Earthscape iPhone Application (iTunes link).


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