Thursday, September 25, 2008

'Citizen Mapper’ in India

SatNav Technologies, a Hyderabad based IT Products Company; the pioneers of GPS Technology in India, today announced the launch of 'Citizen Mapper' – a GPS Enthusiast centric initiative aimed at rewarding the users for suggesting additional Points of Interest (POI’s) and also sharing updates on what changes occur in their city. POI’s are important landmarks such as Hospitals, ATM centers, Malls, Theaters which help in navigating easily to the end destination.

Users can visit and seek information on routes by filling the From and To fields. The website will then provide the route from the present location to the end destination.

This route will have several Points of Interest. In case, the user notices or knows that some additional POI’s can be added to the route to make it easier to navigate, the user can send the input in the form of a mail to Other customers who already have SatGuide software on their Phones, Computers or Navigation devices can just send the feedback whenever they have anything to share. For example a new building that has come up, some new one ways that have been announced, a road that has been recently closed, etc.

The feedback ensures that the user automatically gets registered on SatNav’s website and company then rewards the user by crediting Rs. 5 into that account, for every POI that gets incorporated in the map. Users can accumulate the rewards in units of Rs.5 and can then exchange the accumulated amount for various SatGuide products. This amount can also be transferred to family or friends who wish to purchase SatGuide products.

Another attractive package under the Citizen Mapper scheme is that once a user gets to 50 credits, he can also avail a free upgrade of SatGuide with maps for his PND, PDA, Phone, Laptop or Desktop. If he does not have the navigation software the upgrade will be available along with the next purchase, a value of over Rs 2000.

Commenting on this, Mr. Amit Prasad, CEO and Founder MD of SatNav Technologies said, “Our pioneering effort in GPS has enabled us to provide the maximum number of POI’s giving the user greater detail for reaching the required destination easily. With this win-win scheme we have introduced, not only will we be rewarding the users for their inputs but also make our maps the most robust in the industry with regular updates.

Additional POI’s and vicinity information coming directly from the users will ensure that our products become more relevant to every individual.”


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