Thursday, September 11, 2008

Carbon Project YouTube channel, launched

The Carbon Project has launched a branded channel on YouTube featuring videos on Open Geospatial Consortium,Inc. (OGC) Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) usability for ESRI ArcGIS desktop users. OGC SDI is a suite of standards used by government agencies around the world to promote digital geospatial data sharing and exploitation.

The Carbon Project channel is online at

"OGC SDI is becoming more ubiquitous for GIS users now and into the foreseeable future. CarbonArc PRO 1.6 makes this advanced content highly accessible and its robust functionality easy to use," said Jeff Harrison, President and CEO of The Carbon Project.

The Carbon Project's YouTube channel is a free resource of helpful hints and instructions on how to easily tackle the most frustrating OGC SDI issues in ArcGIS, such as WFS filtering and transactions.

ArcGIS users that want to be on the vanguard of this movement can get a free download or SDI User license for just $295 at

CarbonArc PRO has been selected by multiple customers and featured in many recent SDI projects.

CarbonArc PRO was developed with CarbonTools PRO, an extension to Microsoft.NET that lets software developers add advanced geospatial interoperability to any Microsoft Windows application.


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  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I think this is the first OGC SDI material on YouTube, cool.