Monday, September 08, 2008

AND Map 2.0 Mobile: mapviewer on the iPhone 3G

AND Automotive Navigation Data, leading provider of worldwide digital mapping used for navigation and location-based services (LBS) around the world, today announced the immediate availability of their mapviewer on the iPhone.

The iPhone web application Map 2.0 Mobile has graduated from the AND Labs. AND Labs showcases ideas based on maps and location based technologies. The iPhone web application AND Map 2.0 Mobile allows users to find and view locations in the Netherlands on their iPhone. With the intelligent location search it is easy to find streets around the Netherlands and viewing the location on the map. The iPhone web application uses the high quality digital street maps developed by AND.

The web application is optimized using the latest techniques on mobile browser-based design for use on the iPhone. AND Map 2.0 Mobile uses the typical iPhone controls such as tapping, dragging, flicking, swiping, sliding and pinching to ensure the best user experience for the mobile maps application. Go to to visit the AND Map 2.0 Mobile web application.

iPhone Web Application
AND Map 2.0 Mobile is available in the Apple web apps library and other related websites. "In response to the growing smart phone market we decided to make our map of the Netherlands available to the iPhone community, showing the broad possibilities of our high detailed digital maps of Western Europe," according to Maarten Oldenhof, CEO of AND Automotive Navigation Data.

AND Automotive Navigation Data
AND Automotive Navigation Data is leading provider of digital mapping data used for navigation and location-based services around the world. AND Automotive Navigation Data focuses on the development of digital maps for complete Europe and the United States. The digital maps are used in personal and 'in-car' navigation, Internet-based mapping, fleet management and more. The company was founded in 1984, is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (AND).

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