Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Web application DataDoors for ArcGIS

Aerial and satellite imagery, topographic maps, and terrain data available from ESRI's ArcGIS Online Services can now be accessed and purchased via the Web application DataDoors for ArcGIS. Developed by ESRI business partner i-cubed, the application enables geographic information system (GIS) users to select, order, and acquire a variety of raster data, available online, for offline usage in their GIS projects.

ArcGIS Online Services, a family of Web-based data products, offers GIS users a variety of resources, such as 2D maps and 3D globe services, as well as many GIS tasks. USA Prime and World Prime imagery datasets from i-cubed are part of the ArcGIS Online Services offering. In addition to these data sets, the application gives ArcGIS users access to topographic map data from the National Geographic Society and imagery from a suite of other providers including AeroGRID, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, and SPOT Image Corporation.

Russ Cowart, CEO of i-cubed, commented, "This project further underscores the partnership between ESRI and i-cubed and is a great demonstration of the utility of the DataDoors platform in providing a simplified delivery mechanism for any type of data."

Deane Kensok, program manager for ArcGIS Online, said, "DataDoors for ArcGIS will give ArcGIS users the ability to acquire and store on a local machine useful data that will greatly aid them with their GIS projects and analysis. We are excited about offering this capability to our customers."

Using DataDoors ( ),GIS users can request data in the coordinate system and file format of their choice. Depending on the size of the data ordered, they can either download the data as soon as it is processed or have it shipped directly to them.



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