Sunday, August 03, 2008

Team-GIS Explorer launched

Exprodat is pleased to announce the launch of Team-GIS Explorer, an easy-to-use ArcMap extension combining an intuitive data catalogue with data search, preview and metadata visualisation tools.

It is designed to ensure that users can quickly locate data of interest to them and add it easily to their ArcMap session.

Team-GIS Explorer’s intuitive treeview structure means that ArcMap users no longer need to know where their GIS data is located physically on disk or within a geodatabase in order to use it, saving time and reducing frustration. In addition, Team-GIS Explorer’s intuitive data preview, data access and metadata visualisation tools can increase ArcGIS Desktop productivity significantly.

Exprodat’s Technical Director Chris Jepps said, “The idea for Team-GIS Explorer originally came from tools that we developed over the course of many GIS consultancy engagements. We found that uptake of ArcGIS Desktop could be significantly increased by the addition of intuitive data access tools, as they make the system much easier for both expert and occasional users to drive. When we productised these tools we not only added new and unique functionality, such as the ability to add data from MXD files without opening them, but we also optimised the tools for the distributed data environments seen today. As such Team-GIS Explorer has been designed as a tool to allow data administrators to publish their organisation’s GIS data to ArcGIS Desktop users, while keeping the data configuration secure from update or corruption by the users.”

To see Team-GIS Explorer in action at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego please visit us at booth no. 604. A free evaluation of Team-GIS Explorer is also available to download now from
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