Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictometry in Asia

Pictometry was officially launched in Asia at the MapAsia conference in Kuala Lumpur last week. AAMHatch General Manager, Mr Brian Nicholls said, "AAMHatch is pleased to announce the launch of Pictometry in Asia. Data capture across Australia's main cities is nearing completion, and planning is underway for the South East Asian region.

Acquisition is scheduled to commence in November, with Malaysia being our preferred starting location before moving to neighbouring countries. AAMHatch is pleased to be the exclusive Pictometry supplier throughout South East Asia, and will work with Pictometry and the various government authorities to ensure that the full benefit of this exciting technology is available throughout the region." Pictometry is a unique information system that combines aerial imaging with an intuitive user interface and range of valuable measurement and navigation tools.

The user interface and tools have the ability to provide Intelligent Imagery unlike any other system available. A digital warehouse of oblique and nadir (vertical) images is the foundation of this product. Pictometry provides a new perspective in mapping by showing the built environment from a more intuitive angle. Oblique is the technical term used to describe an aerial photograph that is taken at an angle. This means that a feature, such as a house, building, street light or fire hydrant can be seen in its entirety, rather than the conventional top down (orthogonal) perspective of aerial photography. The result is a new revolutionary way to use aerial imaging.

Pictometry has broken new ground on providing metric oblique images that are accurately georeferenced down to the pixel level.


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