Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Orbit GIS 4.3 for Win32, Win64

Orbit Geospatial Technologies presents Orbit GIS 4.3 for Windows on 32bit and 64bit machines. The Orbit GIS Desktop solution now comes with full OGC WMS support, raster processing tools and over 85 new and improved functionalities.

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Orbit GIS 4.3 offers improvements on many issues, ranging from full OGC-WMS support, dramatically improved raster data management, improved graphics and symbols tools to a wide range of usability improvements with focus on user friendliness.

This release is simultaneous for 32bit and 64bit Windows platforms, with identical capabilities.

“Orbit GIS 4.3 is flexible and not intimidating to use. Now GIS work is no longer rocket science. In addition to our long-time vector-editing power, 4.3 adds raster data processing on an equal professional level. This is yet another step in providing valuable alternatives to costly solutions on the market, allowing quality solutions for everyone.” says Peter Bonne, product manager of Orbit GT. “Orbit GIS 4.x users can upgrade at no cost.”



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