Thursday, August 14, 2008

Map ASIA 2008 - August 18-20

Map Asia: Vision and Scope
The Asia and Pacific region is the largest developing region in the world in landmass, population and aggregate income. Its 48 countries have nearly three fifth of the worlds total population. Each country in the region abounds in rich natural capital and has comprehended the true potential of Geospatial information in leveraging this capital to its utmost economic viability. The Asian region is forging a path of development and economic growth as a function of establishment of infrastructural capital. The region demands and offers scope for application of the various Geographic Information technologies like GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Imaging To meet the requirements of the Geo-informatics community in the Asian region, every year Map Asia raises a platform for the Asian Geo-informatics community to realize, recognize, and reveal the stages of dissemination of Geospatial Information. Map Asia leverages an international initiative aimed to provide an apt platform for the convergence, sharing and use of Geospatial technologies. Founded in the year 2002, Map Asia is the largest Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Information, Technology and Applications.

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