Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geo-scan tools for AutoCAD Map based products, released

Munsys, Inc. today announced the release of the Munsys Geo-scan tools for AutoCAD Map based products. These tools enable the capture, integration and use of scanned images for utility asset inventory recording and other applications.

"In many cases the source data for the attributes of utility infrastructure is still on the paper plans, the Munsys Geo-scan tools provide a powerful way for engineers to have the "data of record" at their fingertips while working with their utility maps," says Mike Fucile, Munsys Sales Associate. "These tools not only improve work efficiency, they also provide a way to do a spatial query on what source documents cover a specific geographic area."

The Munsys Geo-scan tools provide a mechanism for Munsys users to capture previously scanned images, for example as-built plans, as part of their Munsys data model. While the image content remains on disk (such as a mapped drive on a central server) the image boundaries are stored in the Oracle database as spatial polygon objects with associated meta-data.

Using the Geo-scan tools, users are able to query previously captured image boundaries from the database to view the coverage of images. The Geo-scan tools are designed in such a way that the steps required for inserting, geo-referencing and creating spatial object boundaries are simplified as menu items appended to the existing Munsys Spatial Data Manager application. By changing the associated attribute information, the user can assign an image category to the image boundary for classification purposes or add other meta-data as desired. The tools also allow the user to show hyperlinked images and open them in the associated software to view/edit the image.

The Munsys Geo-scan tools are being provided on a complimentary basis, for a limited time period to existing customers that have a valid software upgrade subscription license for Munsys Spatial Data Manager 10.0.



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