Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free GIS LEcture: Galaxies and the Expanding Universe

Free Lecture on Astronomy!

Changes in our fundamental physics, combined with discoveries from space and ground-based telescopes, have led to a radically different model of our place in the Universe and its origins. The field of cosmology is science's newest endeavor into the most basic questions of humankind's existence; where do we come from and what is our fate? Cosmology is the meeting point of observational astronomy, philosophy and particle physics. However, unlike philosophy, cosmology engages Nature providing a foundation based in observation and experience.

If you want:
* To gain an understanding of basic science that underlies Astronomy (the forum is modern cosmology).
* To explore the properties of the objects that make up our Universe.
* To formulate a coherent philosophy for interpreting the observational evidence of the hot Big Bang and relating this worldview to new areas of research.

Proceed to this free lecture notes from the University of Oregon.


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