Monday, August 04, 2008

Free Active GPX Route Player: Playback GPS Recordings

Hybrid GeoTools, creator of the popular 3D Route Builder GPS track editor, releases the latest version of Active GPX Route Player, the most flexible and powerful software available for GPS playback. The easy to use software allows users to load in up to 50 GPS recordings and play them back simultaneously and in real-time within Google Earth. Every turn and stop, climb and descent is accurately recreated.

A dashboard can be shown for each playback. It features details such as speed, direction, elevation, grade, time, average speed plus a distance versus elevation graph. The speed can be scaled up or down and playback can be optionally synced. Although very simple in use for the more advanced users almost every aspect can be customized.

Users have been using the software for a wide range of purposes such as playing back and reviewing sporting events such as cycling, motorcycling, running, mountaineering, windsurfing, paragliding, and geocaching. Other uses are equally varied with logistics companies reviewing delivery routes and zoologists observing animal migration.

Active GPX Route Player is built upon the technology behind Hybrid GeoTools' 3D Route Builder software, a unique advanced track editor that integrates with Google Earth. 3D Route Builder allows fine grain editing of tracks in terms of location, time and elevation, and includes unique features like barometric drift correction.

Software can be downloaded from Hybrid GeoTools and is available in both Free and Plus versions.



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