Thursday, August 28, 2008

Featured GIS University: Arizona State University

Name: School of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University
Description: The school itself has only existed as such since July 2006 and grew out of the Department of Geography, which has a long and distinguished history. The school is evolving into a scholarly community that engages in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education, research and outreach dealing with substantive and applied questions where the role of place, space and interaction is central.

GIS and Remote Sensing Degree Programs:

Master of Advanced Study in Geographic Education - This flexible master’s degree program focuses on your needs and adapts the program’s assessments to maximize your learning experience. A master’s degree in geographic education (M.A.S.G.E.) will not only enhance your ability to teach this area of the social sciences, but also provide techniques for its integration into other subjects.
Master of Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems - The M.A.S.-G.I.S. program is a compact one-year nonthesis degree program fostering advanced study in management and the use of G.I.S. technology in public and corporate environments. The degree meets important educational needs of working professionals and recent college graduates seeking to improve their career standing. The program provides a comprehensive professional degree that balances work in the theoretical aspects of G.I.S., the technical side of the discipline and the applications domain. Students are exposed to cutting edge technology, management theory and practice, and several societal dimensions associated with the application of G.I.S. technology. The courses are held in the evenings during the week, the curriculum is highly adaptable to the work environment, and a M.A.S.-G.I.S. degree is achievable in a one-year time period.

Ph.D. and M.A. Degrees - Graduate students benefit from a wide variety of course work and research opportunities in five broad interdisciplinary themes that span the expertise of the faculty within the School of Geographical Sciences.

* Climate Science

* Cultural Geography

* Environmental and Landscape Dynamics

* GIScience and Spatial Analysis

* Urban and Regional Analysis

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