Monday, August 11, 2008

Discover 3D Version 4.0

Encom, a subsidiary of Pitney Bowes and a leading provider of desktop geoscientific and GIS software, data management, and advanced technical consulting for the natural resources sector, has released Discover 3D Version 4.0.

This latest release of Discover 3D for MapInfo Professional delivers an impressive new range of capabilities to geoscientists working with three-dimensional data. Additions include new analysis and editing tools for drillholes, boundaries, surfaces, and solids. Discover 3D also now offers users a three-dimensional data-immersion experience and, at the same time, has boosted 3D graphics performance.

“Working in 3D changes the way you think about geological relationships and improves the quality of drilling decisions” said Brett Merritt, Managing Director, Software, Encom. “Discover 3D is fully integrated with MapInfo Professional, provides direct support for many mine planning applications, and gives the exploration geologist the flexibility to do what they do best - search for the next world-class ore deposit.”

Using the new Drillhole Planner in Discover 3D 4.0, geoscientists are now able to dynamically create and visualise new holes and directly target mineralisation. Holes can be interactively refined to accurately and thoroughly intercept and test target zones, utilise existing drill pads, or wedge off parent holes. The speed and ease in which geoscientists can now plan holes in 3D to more accurately intercept targets results in more precise and informed decisions and maximises the return on drilling expenditure.

Enhancements to the 3D drawing and digitising tools in Discover 3D make it possible to more accurately delineate mineralisation and structures when digitising geochemical or geological interpretations. Geoscientists now have the ability to snap to 3D features, such as the boundary of an orebody, and to existing drillhole intervals. This ensures that interpretations are accurately aligned with the known data.

"Discover 3D enables us to provide a high level of visualisation for our internal and external customers," says Justin Weaver, GIS and Database Analyst, GHD. "With Discover 3D we're able to display drill-hole, surfaces and mine plans in one package, making it very easy to configure and use live 3D data and create reports on-the-fly."

Manipulating and editing 3D solid models, such as those used to represent geological units or mineralisation, is now possible with the new set of powerful feature editing tools. Using the new toolset, an inclined orebody, for example, which is truncated between an upper unconformity surface and an inclined fault plane, can now be modelled, trimmed, visualised, and have its volume calculated.

The addition of dual graphics card support in the latest version of Discover 3D means the system can directly drive full-colour 3D stereo projector systems to create a semi-immersive 3D visualisation environment. By presenting detailed geological information using full-colour 3D stereo projection, project teams are able to better visualise, communicate, and collaborate on the information available. And that means improving the chances of detecting subtle geometric relationships in the data that are often overlooked using conventional sectional and three-dimensional views.

Significant enhancements have also been made to the visualisation of 3D data. Smooth, intuitive, fly-through navigation is now possible using the inbuilt support for 3D Connexion’s SpaceNavigator™ series of interface devices.
MapInfo and Encom have partnered for over 12 years to deliver an integrated geographic information system (GIS) tailored specifically for geoscientists.

“The marriage of MapInfo’s core GIS engine and Encom’s expert knowledge of the geoscience sector has proven to be a highly successful partnership” said Jonathan Wright, Vice President Asia Pacific, Pitney Bowes MapInfo. “Encom’s advanced understanding of the geosciences has largely been responsible for MapInfo Professional and Discover becoming one of the leading GIS-based solutions for the mineral exploration industry”.



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