Saturday, August 30, 2008

City of Sherwood, Oregon wins ESRI SAG Award

GeoNorth is pleased to announce that the City of Sherwood, Oregon has received a Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award from ESRI at the 2008 International Users Conference. The award is in recognition of the City’s success with a rapid implementation of an enterprise GIS to address multiple departmental needs as well as providing a solution for public access. As part of this project GeoNorth provided business consulting, data conversion, software development, and technology implementation services.

The City of Sherwood is the 7th client to receive a SAG award from ESRI as a result of GeoNorth consulting services and products. Other GeoNorth clients who have previously won this award include:

1. City of Corvallis, OR (2001)

2. Lane Council of Governments, OR (2002)

3. Anne Arundel County, MD (2004)

4. City and County of Spokane, WA (2005)

5. City of Portland, OR (2005)

6. WEB Water, SD (2007)

To learn more about how GeoNorth assisted the City of Sherwood with their enterprise GIS see

GeoNorth is happy to have played a role in our client’s accomplishments and in their success.


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