Monday, August 18, 2008

AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Training Book from Cadapult Software Solutions

Cadapult Software Solutions, Inc., an Autodesk authorized publisher, announces the release of their newest training book: Digging Into AutoCAD Map 3D 2009. This is a revision of their popular 2008 Map 3D book, revised to incorporate the changes in the current version of Map 3D.

Their updated book introduces the most important features of this powerful Autodesk software. It is 304 pages long, organized into 14 chapters by topic.

If you ever need to clean or correct sloppy geometry, import or export GIS data, overlay raster images, work with different map coordinate systems, automatically label objects, or work with large drawings or sheet sets, this book will teach you how. Of course, it covers the basics of thematic mapping and linking your geometry to data, as well. You will learn many different ways to utilize the most popular tools available in Map 3D.

Though written as a text book for 2-day instructor led training; the book also works well for self-paced study, according to Rick Ellis, co-author and CEO of Cadapult. Mr. Ellis served as CAD manager at a multidisciplinary civil engineering firm before becoming a CAD trainer and consultant in 1996. Dissatisfied with the available training materials, he began to develop his own customized curricula, using straightforward, cohesive datasets and logically sequential exercises based on real-world tasks. Once clients and other training centers expressed interest, Cadapult began publishing their courseware in a popular series of training books.

Since AutoCAD Map 3D is included within Civil 3D and Land Desktop, this book is a valuable resource to far more than just those who have purchased the stand-alone Map 3D product, according to Russell Martin, the book's co-author and its technical editor. Mr. Martin, who has over 22 years experience with AutoCAD and mapping/GIS software, added that "anyone using Land Desktop or Civil 3D can benefit from the powerful, yet often overlooked tools lurking under their 'Map' menu".

All of Cadapult Software Solution's training books are exercise based, providing step-by-step procedures for many common tasks, while defining terms and explaining concepts. The authors are seasoned professionals with direct industry experience, and the tutorials have been refined through classroom testing with a wide cross-section of students.



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