Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1Spatial’s Radius Studio for PSMA Australia

1Spatial is delighted to announce that PSMA Australia have purchased their Radius Studio product to provide data quality conformance services.

PSMA Australia Limited combines spatial data from Australia’s governments with leading-edge technology to create national spatial information datasets that include features such as roads, street addresses and cadastral and administrative boundaries. These datasets are then utilised by a network of partners who develop products and services that present the data in meaningful and useful ways for a wide range of industry, government and community uses that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the whole of Australia.

PSMA Australia receives data from multiple sources in multiple formats, from across Australia. The data is then integrated to produce datasets that provide seamless and consistent national coverage on a 90-day update cycle. Data quality forms a vital part of this procedure, and 1Spatial’s Radius Studio will provide an automated solution to ensuring a high level of data quality throughout the integration process.

Radius Studio provides automated conformance checking of spatial data against a pre-defined set of business rules certifying the quality of, firstly, the source data, and secondly, the integrated dataset, which will be delivered to the customer. The benefit of this rules-based approach is the assurance of the overall data quality and the automation enables increased efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to savings in resources.

In the longer term, Radius Studio will also form part of PSMA Australia’s LYNX infrastructure. LYNX will provide enhanced mechanisms to perform data integration and delivery between PSMA Australia and the various data providers (custodians) and their clients. The system will utilise the latest web technologies and architecture to enable PSMA Australia to:

* Provide an enhanced product and service
* Obtain a broader market reach
* Increase value for the data custodians and their clients

The use of Radius Studio in this process will simplify the existing supply chain and increase the overall efficiency of the system.

Dan Paull, CEO of PSMA said:

“The demands associated with development and maintenance of these datasets is significant and with user awareness comes an increasing demand on quality and update frequency. 1Spatial’s Radius Studio will enable PSMA Australia to streamline business processes and ultimately deliver higher quality data more frequently to our clients.”

Duncan Guthrie, Managing Director of 1Spatial added:

“PSMA Australia has a proven track record as one of the leading organisations involved in spatial data integration and management in Australia. We are very pleased that Radius Studio will form a key part of their future service, delivering high quality spatial data to the Australian market place.”



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