Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TrafficCast to Enhance Yahoo! Map Interactivity with Real-Time Traffic Data

Strengthening its position as a leader in next-generation traffic information, TrafficCast International, Inc. today announced it has extended its exclusive partnership with Yahoo! Inc. to supply real-time and forecasted road speed information for Yahoo! mapping products. The data provided by TrafficCast’s Dynaflow technology is part of a series of enhancements Yahoo! is making to its directions and routing services to optimize the user experience.

Through this partnership, TrafficCast extends its five year relationship with Yahoo! and enables Yahoo! Map users to more accurately calculate travel times and receive incident reports. TrafficCast’s proprietary Dynaflow technology overlays real-time travel speed estimates for interstates and major arterials in the top 100 markets across the United States.

Dynaflow is designed to be easily implemented into a broad range of traffic information applications and delivered to consumers through a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, broadcast media systems and Web applications, such as Yahoo! Maps. Using patented, proprietary analytic technology based on traffic science, Dynaflow models historic traffic patterns, real-time incidents, construction, GPS data, road sensors and weather to accurately project the most comprehensive “red-yellow-green” advisories of road congestion and travel speed. Until recently, such calculations were only practical in the 30 markets where traditional road sensor technology is installed. With Dynaflow, this critical information is available in markets with or without sensors through strategic partnerships with data providers and proprietary technology that accurately fills in data gaps.

Users of Yahoo! Map services receive real-time and forecasted road speed estimates, along with traffic incident reports, to assist them in travel planning and helping them avoid incident sites and congested areas. With rising fuel prices and growing roadway congestion, traffic information tools for consumers have become important for identifying the most efficient route to a destination. Through partnerships with a number of data providers, TrafficCast is able to analyze factors impacting traffic flow and provide this information to Yahoo! Map users instantly and accurately.

“The extension of TrafficCast’s relationship with Yahoo! brings critical real-time traffic information to Yahoo! Map users, and validates the strength and quality of our data,” said Connie Li, president and CEO of TrafficCast International. “Yahoo! is doing exceptionally innovative things with online maps, and TrafficCast’s technology and predictive models significantly improve the Yahoo! Map user experience.”



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