Thursday, July 03, 2008

TerraGo’s Map2PDF

Headquarted in Finland, the leading Nordic Business Intelligence Solution provider, Affecto has purchased a number of Map2PDF licences.

Affecto’s Business Intelligence services allows their clients to integrate strategic targets with their business management. The implementation of Map2PDF will allow Affecto staff to present annual data to a number of Finnish media houses in the simple to understand GeoPDF format – a classic example of how Map2PDF is used to bridge the gap between GIS specialists and non-mapping experts.

TerraGo software allows both ESRI and Intergraph users to write GIS data to the GeoPDF format. Since Adobe’s PDF reader is pre-loaded onto so many computers, GeoPDF files allow anyone, irrespective of knowledge or experience of spatial data, to view and update this valuable information in a format they know and understand.
About TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies makes it simple to connect all kinds of users to geospatial mapping data. GeoPDF is the industry’s only geospatial data distribution and collaboration solution to leverage the ubiquitous Adobe portable document format breaking down technology barriers between geospatial professionals and the people who need access to geospatial data. Using Map2PDF, geospatial professionals are able to convert complex geospatial information into user friendly, interactive GeoPDF files with extensive embedded data and mapping features. Users leverage Adobe Reader to perform a variety of viewing and editing functions. Customers include government agencies, utilities and other private enterprises. For more information, visit


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