Sunday, July 20, 2008

Safe Software and WeoGeo Partner to Bring Spatial ETL Technology to the Cloud

Safe Software, the leaders in spatial ETL and the makers of FME, together with WeoGeo, known for its marketplace and cloud computing expertise, announced today that they have partnered to bring the powerful data transformation capabilities of FME technology to the cloud. This combined offering will make it easier than ever before for spatial data to be accessed when, where, and how it's needed.

This partnership represents the first initiative to bring spatial ETL capabilities to the cloud. WeoGeo will use FME technology as the basis for their data distribution offerings in their marketplace, providing users with the ability to restructure their spatial data into the required format and data model and share it out to those who need it.

Specifically, organizations will be able to use FME Desktop to author spatial data flows that convert and integrate spatial data. They can then publish them to FME Server on the cloud, which will manage the transformation process and make the resulting datasets available to end consumers as required.

"Spatial ETL is the backbone for effective spatial data sharing, enabling data to be distributed in a structure and format that is immediately usable to end consumers." says Paul Bissett, CEO of WeoGeo. "As the leaders in spatial ETL, Safe Software was the clear choice to partner with in our quest to build a more efficient spatial data exchange solution. Together, our combined expertise will provide a powerful and innovative way for organizations to share spatial data online." The first phase of this partnership will strengthen WeoGeo's data download web site by introducing the data transformation power of FME Server on The next phase will provide organizations with the option to deploy FME Server through WeoGeo's cloud computing expertise using the resources of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This innovative approach will enable organizations to use FME's powerful data integration and distribution capabilities on the cloud for sharing spatial data with online data consumers on an infrastructure that automatically sizes to match current demand.

"This is another example of Safe Software's commitment to providing leading-edge solutions that enable the GIS industry to access data no matter how it's structured or where it's located," says Don Murray, President of Safe Software. "By working with WeoGeo, we will enable organizations to take advantage of the cloud's infrastructure to distribute usable data to those who need it." To learn more about this announcement and see FME Server and WeoGeo in action, visit the Safe Software booth #6 and WeoGeo booth #7. You can also attend Safe Software's and WeoGeo's presentations at the GeoWeb conference on Thursday, July 24, 2008.

# Safe Software's Don Murray presents "Integrating 3D, BIM, Vector, and Raster Data with Spatial ETL" at 10:45 am

# Safe Software co-presents Plenary Session "Visions of the GeoWeb" at 2:30 pm

# Safe Software Vendor Spotlight at 4:20 pm

# WeoGeo Vendor Spotlight at 4:30 pm

You can also learn more about FME Server by visiting or by contacting to request a personalized web demo.


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