Monday, July 21, 2008

Popular Trackstick II: small GPS device

The Trackstick II is a small GPS device that continuously records its own position for later download through a built in USB connector. Plug it into your computer to see your exact route on Google™ Earth, Microsoft™ Live, and many other online mapping programs. Recorded data includes date, time, location, speed, heading, altitude, and the exact length and location of any stops.

The Trackstick II is popular among hikers, bikers, boaters, photographers and anyone that wants to record an exact history of their travels for later review on digital maps. Additionally, the included software can embed location data into your photos to show the exact spot that your pictures were taken. Trackstick II is also compatible with Flickr, Myspace, and other online communities that accept geotagged images.

The Trackstick II runs on two AAA batteries which can power the device for up to a week.



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