Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maptitude for Great Britain 5.0 is now shipping

Caliper Corporation is now shipping the latest version of Maptitude for Great Britain, the most capable and affordable mapping software for the UK. This next generation of Maptitude, the award winning GIS desktop software, continues to provide easy-to-use yet powerful mapping tools. Maptitude for Great Britain 5 remains the most competitively priced, full-featured GIS/mapping product available for the UK.

Maptitude for Great Britain 5 has many new features that greatly enhance ease-of-use. These include a powerful postcode geocoder with start-to-finish assistance for locating and mapping data. The Display Manager toolbox allows for the viewing and control of the style, visibility, and label settings for all of the layers, selection sets, and feature display settings in a map.

Maptitude for Great Britain 5 has new travel-based tools that allow the creation of bands based on distance, or other costs along street lines, plus the ability to assign roads to zones or districts based on proximity to point locations such as stores.

New analysis methods include desire lines to illustrate the flow of people or goods from point-to-point, the ability to build lines from groups of points, and a facility location tool based on the weighted centroids of customers, for example.

Other new features include comprehensive undo and redo for geographic and tabular editing, more flexible legends, improved thematic mapping, a geocoding tool for cities in the US and internationally, and file format support for ESRI personal geodatabases, MS Access, Excel 2007, JPEG 2000 images, and Google Earth.

Maptitude for Great Britain 5 expands the astonishing amount of included data. The software now ships with European administrative boundaries, the latest UK postal points and areas (Areas, Sectors, Districts), updated London and national layers that include roads and administrative boundaries, world landmarks, and updated world places. For the full list of included data please visit the Caliper web site.

Maptitude for Great Britain 5 is .NET enabled, allowing scripting in any .NET capable language. Maptitude’s GISDK language now supports object-oriented programming, making it easier than ever to program Maptitude extensions and add-ins with re-usable GISDK classes.

The maps in Maptitude for Great Britain 5 provide presentation quality and user-friendly graphics right from the start, with enhanced default styles, map overview windows, and new line styles.

Maptitude for Great Britain 5 is available for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista, and is compatible with a wide range of other GIS and database software.


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