Tuesday, July 08, 2008

LIDAR Integration Options for DSS 439 RapidOrtho Airborne Mapping Solution

Applanix announced today that its Digital Sensor System (DSS) 439 RapidOrtho airborne mapping solution is now available with full LIDAR integration options for fixed wing and helicopter installations. Integration options include turn-key hardware and software workflow kits to produce final digital terrain and ortho-imagery products.

The announcement was made at the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) 2008 Conference in Beijing.

Two LIDAR integration options are available: One for low-altitude corridor mapping application using the Riegl LMS-Q560, and one for high-altitude wide area mapping applications with the Optech ALTM.

"With the addition of the LIDAR options, users can now simultaneously collect and generate directly georeferenced high-resolution color or color infra-red imagery and LIDAR point clouds in the same mapping frame and projection," said Joe Hutton, Director of Airborne Products. "These geospatial data sets can then be used to generate a number of different mapping products including Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, stereo models, orthophotos, and orthomosaics, depending on the specific application. This represents a significant step forward for our customers."

The DSS RapidOrtho, certified by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as capable of providing quality, consistent image data to support civil government mapping and ortho-photography product development, is a medium format airborne mapping system with a built-in directly georeferenced rapid orthorectification capability.

Applications for the DSS 439 RapidOrtho system with LIDAR include: railway corridor mapping, utilities corridor mapping, highway corridor planning and mapping, floodplain mapping as well as other airborne mapping applications.

Applanix offers DSS clients world-wide customer support and a yearly maintenance and warranty program. The LIDAR options for the DSS 439 are available immediately through the Applanix sales network.



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