Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Learn IDL program: IDL The Data Visualization and Analysis Platform

Here comes IDL 7.0 version. Get the answer you need with IDL 7.0, delivering visualization and analysis power in a modern development environment.

Powering Visualization & Analysis - A Whole New Way
IDL 7.0, from ITT Visual Information Solutions, delivers all the visualization and analysis power you depend on with a new, modern development environment that makes it easier than ever for you use IDL to get the answers you need.

Now, IDL 7.0 is the resource for you – whether you are an ad-hoc programmer doing quick look analysis or an application developer building applications for commercial or research purposes.

Now Available for Download - IDL 7.0 version.

IDL - The Workbench
IDL’s new development environment – the IDL Workbench – is based on the popular Eclipse development platform. This new development platform gives you the advantages of a modern, full-featured cross-platform development environment, including the tools you have come to expect in today’s software.

IDL – The Power of Eclipse
Eclipse is an open source project to create an extensible, truly cross-platform framework for creating development environments and stand-alone applications. Eclipse is being developed by individuals from large technology companies, small start-ups, universities and research institutions, and anywhere in between. Eclipse gives users access to the ever expanding functionality provided by the broad community of developers. The Eclipse project is supported by Adobe, Oracle, Sybase, SAP, IBM and many others.


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