Friday, July 04, 2008

GPS Saves Time, Fuel Costs

Nearly 50 percent of businesses using GPS technologies cite a reduction in travel distance by an average of 231.2 miles per week, saving $51,582 in annual fuel savings. That is according to a Motorola, Inc., survey of those in the transportation, manufacturing, and trucking/warehousing industries.

The study, commissioned by Motorola, also revealed that employees of businesses deploying GPS-enabled technologies saved approximately 54 minutes per day, realizing annual labor savings of $5,484 per employee, or $5.4 million per surveyed enterprise. Survey respondents also credited location-based services with improving the organization of employee routes.

Surveyed enterprises indicated GPS technology enables mobile workers to spend less time in traffic or finding routes, while increasing the amount of time spent with customers. When asked why they would consider investing in GPS or other new technologies, those surveyed cited customer service as the number-one priority, Motorola said.

The survey also identified other key applications, namely navigation for improved on-time performance and route optimization. These functions address mobile workers' difficulties in locating new stops during the course of their shift and also serve to streamline deliveries, respondents said.



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