Friday, July 11, 2008

GeoWeb 2008, Geospatial Information Conference

ESRI and ESRI Canada Limited will discuss and demonstrate how new technological advances make it easier to access geospatial information over the Internet during the GeoWeb 2008 conference being held in Vancouver, B.C., July 21–25, 2008. ESRI is a platinum sponsor of the conference.

The theme for GeoWeb 2008 is Infrastructure: Local to Global. Geographic information is now widely distributed on the Web and routinely integrated into thousands of applications and services including infrastructure support. Technology has evolved to a point where anyone can be a contributor to the GeoWeb and everyone can be a participant, from data access to infrastructure protection.

Alex Miller, president of ESRI Canada, will give a keynote address at GeoWeb 2008. Miller will cover pressing topics for GeoWeb and geographic information system (GIS) users including how to manage data sharing and workflows for enhanced communication and efficiency as well as improved decision making. In addition, ESRI and ESRI Canada will present three papers and lead two hands-on workshops. Presentation topics will include

* Leveraging Web services to access GIS resources in data, maps, and analysis
* Using JavaScript APIs to quickly and easily transform spatial mashups into advanced analysis applications
* Interoperability and the mass market initiatives (REST and JavaScript approaches) that use Web 2.0 patterns for extending the traditional interoperability paradigm
* Next-generation emergency response systems—The communication infrastructure, situational information, and directions to the emergency
* Best practices guide for intellectual property protection and licensing issues around the prudent use of geospatial data on the Web

"The widespread use of the GeoWeb is really just beginning," says Miller. "Technological advances in interoperability are opening up the use of geography for new applications including situational awareness and decision making. The GeoWeb and the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) are providing new opportunities to share geographic information across a spectrum of user communities."

Conference attendees can visit ESRI at booth #2 for more information on these topics and the latest geospatial technology capabilities. Also, interact with online demonstrations of the JavaScript APIs by visiting and learn about all the interoperability standards that ESRI supports at To register for GeoWeb 2008, visit


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