Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Young Geo Professional Magazine for students -- available soon

The geomatics and hydrographics field is flourishing as never before; nevertheless, it is experiencing a shortage of personnel. Companies and governments simply cannot attract sufficient qualified personnel to get all the work done. Furthermore, universities and educational institutions all over the world are suffering from a lack of new students. How can we turn the tide? How can we interest people in starting a career in, for example, land surveying, electronic charting, remote sensing, positioning or hydrographic surveying?

Reed Business Geo (The Netherlands) is proud to announce their initiative to publish a magazine and associated website focussed on young people who are about to make a study choice. The publication, called Young Geo Professional, will position geomatics and hydrographics as an attractive and fascinating field. Further, it will make the young people aware of the wide scale of fields of application and future job possibilities.

The magazine and its associated website are developed for secondary, college, propaedeutics and bachelor students, from the ages of 16 to 27 years, who are about to make the choice on a study or follow-up study. They may not yet be sure which technical discipline to choose and want to form an impression of their future job and explore the different options available.

Young Geo Professional magazine will be appealing, interactive and offer informative content on the field in general as way of an introduction, geomatics and hydrographic jobs, studies and entertaining information on geo techniques. Lots of additional information will be added to the website, including a database of educational institutions, where students can find their nearest education provider.

At least 15,000 copies will be distributed worldwide, to about 350 educational institutions (high schools, bachelor and master programmes) offering study programmes in geomatics and hydrographics. Educational institutions will use this magazine while promoting their studies to candidate students, for example, at open days and at education and career fairs.

The magazine and website will be available for students at the start of the study year (September 2008).


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    Hi its really good for the student who is looking for the Geomatics and hydrographic in future is it work good for the business and the IT Industry because this is growing good
    Overseas Education Consultant