Friday, June 06, 2008

Rolta India Limited into new business verticals

Rolta India Limited, a mid-sized services and IT engineering company, is getting into new business verticals such as high-end security systems, EPC (engineering procurement and construction management for power plants), and ERP implementation for GIS and engineering Companies. The company is also working on infrastructure opportunities and core IT and software developments.

By 2012, Rolta is also planning to increase the headcount to 8,000 from its present 4,000.

“At present, we are concentrating on the high end security business in India. We are providing technology for homeland securities such as police and fire department, and we are also looking into airport asset management. The police department of Mumbai, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir is already using this technology for high-end security,” said S K Shirguppi, director, business operations & head, engineering design business group.

“As we are expanding our business verticals, we are also bullish on increasing our headcount to 8,000 by 2012,” he added.

By getting into core IT and software development, the company is expecting that the contribution of the IT segment to its overall revenue will double.

“At present, IT and software contributes around 10%-15% to the total revenue of the company, but by concentrating more on core IT and software developments, we are expecting it to increase to 25%-30% by 2012,” commented Shirguppi.

The company is also expecting that their engineering business, which at present makes a contribution of 30%-35%, will increase up to 40%-45%.

Apart from strengthening their business in India, Rolta is also concentrating on gaining a strong foothold overseas. According to a spokesperson, the company is planning to acquire firms in the US. They are also strengthening their businesses in Europe, the APAC region and the Middle East. “We are strengthening our business in all these regions to move up the value chain,” commented the spokesperson.



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