Saturday, May 31, 2008

Next-Generation Multi-Utility GIS Using Bentley Software

Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that IRIDE Energia, part of IRIDE Group, a leading Italian multi-utility comprising companies that manage water, electricity, public lighting, gas, and district heating networks, has built a next-generation geographic information system (GIS) called New SIT around Bentley’s V8 XM Edition versions of Bentley Map, Bentley Geospatial Server, and Bentley Geo Web Publisher. IRIDE Energia is using its New SIT system – and the XML Feature Modeling (XFM) enabled technology upon which it is based – to achieve even higher efficiency in the management of its multi-utility networks. Specifically, the company has set a goal of increasing productivity by at least 20 percent across planning, engineering design, field engineering, and customer service. Driving this gain is the new system’s single source of data – GIS as well as engineering – for anyone who manages or supports the utility networks in any function.

“Bentley’s products enabled us to implement a powerful and flexible GIS system based on a service-oriented architecture to meet our ambitious expansion goals,” says Mario Cipriano, IRIDE Energia chief information officer. “The intra-operation of these Bentley products and their native support of the Oracle® Spatial database were key advantages we compared with alternative approaches. In addition, the system’s XFM object-oriented capability eliminates the need to recode connections between different software systems each time we upgrade software, saving us significant time and money.”

New SIT uses Bentley Map for map management, engineering design, and data update processes and Bentley Geospatial Server for enterprise access to Oracle® Spatial, workflow management, enterprise printing, plotting, and publishing, and engineering documentation management across a distributed enterprise. In addition, it uses Bentley Geo Web Publisher to publish GIS and engineering information to the company’s intranet.

Bentley Geospatial Server enables New SIT’s database to be integrated with SAP for enterprise resource planning and with the existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. The CRM integration means GIS and engineering data are easily accessed by customer service representatives, sales, and marketing teams.

By deploying Bentley products, IRIDE Energia supports its work-order management process through its configurable workflow capabilities, allowing managers to access information on any work order. The new GIS system uses network connectivity logic to track the network from any start point to an end-user location or outage point. Moreover, objects can be queried to determine their sources of power, maintenance activities can be simulated, and customers affected by outages can be identified in real time and alerted.

The GIS and network topology data are exported to separate analysis and modeling environments through Web services. This helps specialists optimize the networks and helps IRIDE Energia achieve maximum performance.

Cipriano concludes, “Thanks to Bentley software, we believe we have one of the most advanced utility GIS systems in the world – as befits a world-class company like IRIDE Energia.”


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