Thursday, June 12, 2008

MapViewSVG 7 vector maps are available

MapViewSVG 7, an extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop! MapViewSVG offers the possibility to publish ArcMap projects fast, easy and cost-efficient on Internet/Intranet, CD or DVD. Open standards like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), XML and ECMAScript guarantee a high cartographic quality, functionality and interactivity. MapViewSVG supports vector based object data and image data. Attribute data are stored as XML files or in a database and are dynamically linked to the geometric data. WMS- or ArcIMS server data can be included as well. Several query functionalities allow powerful possibilities in searching attribute data and their geometries.

The new version of MapViewSVG fulfills the needs of modern Geoweb and GeoBusinessMaps projects. Using vector format consequently, linking file based data and database data dynamically to geometric data as well as including distributed data sources give the user the possibility to create powerful maps.

To accomplish increasing requirements in visualization of statistic data, MapViewSVG offers the possibility to add diagrams to the map. Several possibilities in interaction between graphs and map make it easier to read the information.
The intuitive wizard handling is improved. More layout possibilities to make the map design much easier. MapViewSVG 7 supports all modern Web Browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari) and SVG plugins (Renesis Player, Adobe SVGViewer).

MapViewSVG 7 works with all ArcGIS versions (ArcGIS 8 or newer).

Additional information about MapViewSVG and the possibility to download an evaluation version are available under


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