Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Credent Redent Aids in Myanmar's Cyclone Relief Work

After NARGIS cyclone hit Myanmar and took the lives of about 100,000, an estimated 1.5 million victims are trying to survive in midst of chaos. Rescue and recovery work to aid victims in cyclone affected areas are underway but have been hampered due to the lack of maps and GIS data.

As a leading Geospatial Information Services Provider, Credent Technology has received requests from numerous organizations including the Natural Disaster Preparedness Committee, Myanmar Government Ministries, NGOs, INGOS, UN organizations, and many individuals who are stepping into cyclone affected areas to help the victims.

In response, Credent plans to assist in the cyclone affected region of Myanmar by providing the related map data from available resources including local organizations and the web. The development of the maps and GIS data is currently under Credent expense but in order to strengthen and to hasten the provision of this vital information to aid the survival of victims, funding from NGOs or any organizations will greatly improve the speed of the work.

Credent will develop and host the website www.nargismaps.com, where related maps, satellite imagery and GIS data are compiled and updated on a daily basis. These can be easily viewed and downloaded to serve the needs of rescue workers more effectively. Organizations in Myanmar with limited internet access who need such maps and files may request CD and hardcopies of these from Credent’s office in Yangon (95)(1) 652285-86 located at the ICT Park, Hlaing Township.



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