Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comprehensive New Geospatial Product Portfolio With Powerful GIS Capabilities

Bentley Systems, Incorporated today introduced a comprehensive new geospatial product portfolio with powerful GIS capabilities that supports infrastructure engineering workflows across the entire asset lifecycle, from planning, design, and construction to operations and decommissioning. These products synthesize engineering and geospatial workflows, dispensing with data silos and bridging the traditional divide between GIS specialists and the engineering community. By delivering GIS technology and other spatial information seamlessly and transparently to engineers when they need it, organizational efficiency is increased, errors are decreased, and data quality is improved. Newly introduced products in the portfolio include Bentley Map and Bentley Cadastre as well as Bentley Geospatial Server – all of which extend Bentley’s broad portfolio of existing geospatial products. These new geospatial products will be deployed across multiple solution communities, including cadastre and land development, electric and gas utilites, water and wastewater utilities, communications service providers, and others.

Styli Camateros, Bentley vice president, Civil and Geospatial Products, said, “Bentley’s geospatial product portfolio underscores our commitment to advance GIS for infrastructure and provides engineers and GIS professionals with an entirely new way to work. The products are designed to make spatial data and GIS functionality available within engineering workflows to all users, when they need it and without file transformations or conversions. This results in end-to-end support for spatial data within online and offline workflows and, ultimately, increased organizational efficiency. All of the products in this broad and growing portfolio are open, extensible, and customizable, and they make spatial data available to support the infrastructure asset’s entire lifecycle.”

Bentley Map and Bentley Cadastre

Bentley Map is next-generation software for managing the world’s infrastructure in a geospatial context. It forms the basis of industry-specific products, including Bentley Cadastre, Bentley Electric, Bentley Water, and Bentley Gas. Bentley Map combines powerful GIS functionality with all of the editing precision and graphics capabilities of MicroStation to support extensive spatial analysis, thematic mapping, presentation, and plot production.

“Bentley Map is an extremely powerful, flexible, and easily configurable editing environment that has increased our productivity demonstrably,” said Mario Cipriano, chief information officer, IRIDE Energia.

Using the software’s Geospatial Administrator, end-users can configure business and topological rules without programming. In addition, Bentley Map can edit Oracle® Spatial and other GIS data types, including ESRI SHP files. Its highly flexible output includes 2D and 3D PDFs.

Bentley Cadastre provides powerful support for any type of parcel management workflow for local government, central government, cadastres, and other organizations that manage land or property. Bentley Cadastre ensures that the day-to-day maintenance of cadastral fabric is achieved with the highest possible accuracy by providing the editing environment to underpin a range of possible GIS and geospatial solutions.

Bentley Geospatial Server

Bentley Geospatial Server extends ProjectWise capabilities, adding powerful enterprise access to Oracle® Spatial and other enterprise GIS data stores. Organizations already taking advantage of its capabilities include Greater Toronto Airports Authority; multi-utility IRIDE Energia; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; state-owned mining, power, and industrial processing conglomerate MIBRAG; and the government of Ville de MontrĂ©al.

Bentley Geospatial Server also provides unique enterprise access to heterogeneous engineering documentation, whether spatial or nonspatial in nature, through a spatially enabled interface. Bentley Geospatial Server is a federated environment that unites information independently of its source, allowing users to leverage and unify information stored in both spatial databases and as unstructured documents. In addition, it enables live Oracle® Spatial editing with long transactions through Bentley Map, intelligent, distributed printing and plotting, and support for enterprise collaboration and configurable workflows.

“The Technical Data Centre employs several services of the Bentley Geospatial Server that will enable controlled enterprise-wide access to our Oracle® Spatial data and allow us to manage extensive nonspatial engineering documentation in an efficient manner, including direct access through a map-based GUI,” said Mike Robertson, manager, Technical Data Center, Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Additional Products in the Geospatial Portfolio

Bentley’s wider portfolio of geospatial products includes products for high productivity visualization, raster-to-vector document conversion; extending spatial data into the field to support offline access to enterprise data; and products for publishing spatial and nonspatial data over the web to intranets, extranets, and public websites. In addition, Bentley provides products that support geospatial and engineering workflows in specific industries, including water and wastewater utilities, electric and gas utilities, and communications service providers.

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