Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AvisMap GIS 5 software

The AvisMap GIS Engine 5 series from AvisMap GIS Technologies, succeeds AvisMap GIS 4.8.

AvisMap GIS Engine 5 provides powerful GIS functions based on Microsoft COM and .Net technologies. It enables users to rapidly develop professional GIS applications by adding graphic visualization, spatial data processing, data analysis to your own application. It includes several embedded Active X components and many Automation Objects.

Developers can fully leverage the advantages of Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Net, Visual C #.Net, Delphi, or any other high level development tools and combine third party Active X components to develop various kinds of GIS systems easily.

The 5 series features improvement in map rendering, overlay analysis, bus-routes analysis, spatial query, among others.

The Release Candidate version of this series has been extensively tested by users in Japan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

Applications developed by this platform can be distributed and operated independently without the AvisMap GIS suite, which simplifies application disposition and distribution costs.

High availability and stability are assured with massive data from multiple and diverse data sources.



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