Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ABC’s new Google Earth layer

You never know when the next breaking story might be right around the corner, but with ABC’s new Google Earth layer, you’ll get to see the news as it happens - whether it’s just around the corner, or in another corner of the globe

Today, ABC announced the launch of ABC Earth, integrating ABC content, including video, audio and text, as a layer in Google Earth. This trial launch will feature live stories (with updates every two hours), archived reports from around the world, profiles of Australian regional centres, and reports from the award-winning Foreign Correspondent.

This announcement, and the recent announcement of the RAIA’s architectural layer in Earth, both are a part of our ongoing effort to provide Australians new ways to connect with their local area and the world at large, while providing those outside Australia with new outlets to learn and explore.

With the recent launch of Google Earth 4.3, reading the news and soaring over some of Australia’s finest architecture has never been so fun and easy. The search for new ways to see the world never ends, and we look forward to the new perspectives to come.

Visit ABC News on Google Earth.


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