Thursday, May 01, 2008

SPOTMaps Mosaics from SPOT maps

Spot Image has added nine new nations and regions to its line of SPOTMaps mosaics including Iraq, Kuwait and North Korea. Available for immediate purchase, SPOTMaps provide seamless uniform coverage comprised of 2.5-meter, natural-color SPOT 5 satellite imagery acquired within the past three years.

Offered in nationwide and regional orthorectified mosaics, SPOTMaps serve as the ideal geographic basemap layer for any visualization, planning or mapping project that requires a synoptic territorial view combined with close-up geographic detail. SPOTMaps may be purchased online at as entire mosaics or custom cut into the end user’s precise area of interest. The cost is only $3/square kilometer.

“SPOTMaps are being used extensively as basemap layers in defense/intelligence, oil and gas, and military communications applications,” said Bruce Ogden, SPOT Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “SPOTMaps arrive ready to upload and use in any GIS or digital mapping environment.”

Since introducing SPOTMaps products in 2007, SPOT has released more than 25 nations and regions including many parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In addition to Iraq, Kuwait and North Korea, the latest SPOTMaps releases are Botswana, Zimbabwe, North Chile, Namibia, Eastern South Africa and Australia.

In addition to being available for immediate online purchase, SPOTMaps are unique products because they enable users to view entire territories from a regional perspective while also seeing detailed infrastructure and land forms at 2.5-meter spatial resolution. The mosaics are suitable for working at map scales up to 1:10,000 and integrate with any type of georeferenced database.

“SPOTMaps are orthorectified using digital elevation models derived from stereo images collected aboard SPOT 5 using the HRS instrument,” said Ogden. “This means that SPOTMaps are perfectly compatible with SPOT DEMs for clients needing to create three dimensional environments for infrastructure siting, environmental analysis, and mission planning.”

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