Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Signature Analyst Desktop Version 3.0

New software provides expanded delivery options for field-proven spatial decision support technology, enhancing customers’ power to make confident decisions in mission-critical situations.

SPADAC, a leading provider of spatially-enhanced technology solutions, recently announced the launch of Signature Analyst Desktop Version 3.0, an industry-leading spatial decision support system that helps government and commercial organizations obtain more objective, accurate information on which to base decisions when faced with mission-critical challenges.

Signature Analyst Desktop Version 3.0 is the first licensable version of the patented Signature Analyst technology that allows analysts and decision-makers to discern subtle yet powerful and actionable insights by combining spatial intelligence with predictive analytics and incorporating human terrain and social networking elements. The solution delivers effective consequence modeling and improved confidence in decisions for a range of global operational and business challenges.
“Signature Analyst is an innovative technology that has been used on-site with our intelligence and military customers through SPADAC analysts for years,” said Mark Dumas, founder and CEO of SPADAC. “By launching a licensable version of the technology, we are enabling customers to partner with us to determine how to leverage this unparalleled technology in a variety of product, engineering and analytical services combinations that best suit their needs.”

Signature Analyst Desktop Version 3.0 offers users industry-leading features and functionality in Area of Interest (AOI) definition, visualization, scripting and automation, variable reduction techniques, predictive modeling, and overall performance. The software has the power to aggregate thousands of layers of any type of data and quickly narrow data element relevancy to validate the suitability of information around a given AOI. As with any analytical tool, success is maximized by the involvement of subject matter and domain experts in the final information product.

The field-proven Desktop Version 3.0 software includes enhancements achieved through direct customer and internal SPADAC analysts’ feedback. SPADAC will continue to expand the delivery of this technology to suit the needs of its customers by delivering an enterprise, server-based version of the Signature Analyst technology within the next 12 months.

“The launch of Signature Analyst represents the best of our corporate personality — our persistence and innovation in taking software first developed through a DHS SBIR grant in 2004 to a licensable version today,” said Dumas. “I’m proud to be part of an extraordinary team that continually raises the science of predictive analytics technology to new heights.”

More than a dozen federal and commercial customers have been supported by Signature Analyst technology through their work with SPADAC since 2002, including Combatant Command customers with operationally specific problem sets, federal government research organizations such as ONR and DARPA for advanced analytical methods and tools for inclusion in broader programs, and commercial customers who are early adopters and innovation leaders in their respective markets. The company’s unique approach ensures that expert analysts, proven methods and innovative technology come together to minimize risk, maximize opportunities and significantly increase the likelihood of success for its diverse client base.

A leader in the fusion of spatial intelligence and predictive analytics, SPADAC enables organizations to make objective and confident decisions in the face of complex operational and business challenges. The company’s unique approach combines actionable spatial information, human terrain and social networking elements with innovative predictive analytics technologies. This process ensures that SPADAC’s subject matter experts, proven methods and patented technologies come together to minimize risk, maximize opportunities and significantly increase organizational resiliency and the likelihood of success for a diverse client base. Headquartered in McLean, Va., with operations globally, SPADAC supports customer organizations within defense, intelligence, homeland security, civilian government and commercial markets.


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