Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LuciadMap V8.0 with Oracle Spatial integration

Luciad, the leading software provider for high performance visualization of geospatial information, announces that it has released LuciadMap Version 8.0 with substantial new functionality and increased performance, enabling developers to rapidly and effectively build and deploy high-end mission-critical systems. Luciad’s partnership with Oracle is reinforced in the seamless integration with the latest edition of Oracle Spatial.

LuciadMap is a suite of customizable software components that system integrators and original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing systems. The product has a global user base in aviation, security and maritime sectors.

Luciad has been supporting the Oracle Database product line from the start and is now one of the first vendors to integrate Oracle Spatial 11g with its technology. The new ‘Oracle Spatial’ database connector in LuciadMap V8.0 contains functionality corresponding to the Oracle Spatial extension of the Oracle Enterprise Database product. LuciadMap’s ‘Oracle Spatial’ database connector comes with support for vector data and GeoRaster objects while the ‘Oracle Locator’ database connector contains vector support functionality, corresponding to the Oracle Locator extension which comes with any Oracle Database product. Luciad’s product packaging is now fully aligned with the Oracle product line-up, offering transparency and seamless integration for customers.

Also with Version 8.0, Luciad introduces remarkably powerful new capabilities for the handling of large amounts of data. For example, the ECDIS specialized package is now geared for high performance of large data sets by offering direct import of S-57 data - without the need for preprocessing - and efficient S-52 compliant visualization. Version 8.0 also integrates a new CADRG directory decoder providing high performance management of potentially disparate tiles.

LuciadMap’s powerful 2D visualization has been substantially extended with new functionalities such as comprehensive line styles including rounded corners and advanced line decorations, and density painting allowing users to present any data in a view with coloring based on element densities.

Luciad continuously expands its features to offer the most complete product. Version 8.0 adds support for shape to shape visibility and an extreme point finder to its Terrain Analysis specialized package. Users can now compute the visibility between any two shapes and find multiple local extremes for a data set inside a shape. The Lucy specialized package now ships with a dockable framework allowing users not only to drag and drop panels to a new location, but also to re-organize the layout.

LuciadMap guarantees interoperability with other systems by offering compliance with all main and upcoming standards. For example, version 8.0 brings aviation customers direct support for AIXM 4.0 and 4.5, preparing for the emerging AIXM 5 standard.

“The LuciadMap V8.0 release is fully in line with Luciad’s strategy to build products driven by real customer needs. It delivers key benefits for the development of high-end mission-critical systems”, said Lode Missiaen, CEO from Luciad. “We believe that our continuous commitment to enhance the product based on listening to customer input and strong industry partnerships will continue Luciad’s growth into the future.”

The releases of LuciadMap V8.1 and V8.2 are foreseen later in 2008.

Source : http://www.luciad.com/


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