Monday, May 26, 2008

Leading Edge Geomatics Provides Rapid Response Imagery

-- During the beginning of May, the Canadian Province of New Brunswickand the US State of Maine suffered from some of the worst flooding in 25years. Covering thousands of square kilometres, the rising floodwatersaffected citizens and infrastructure throughout the entire province. The Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) of the Government of NewBrunswick contacted Leading Edge Geomatics with a request for aerialsurvey support to assist in flood efforts. On an aerial survey mission inOntario, Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) responded quickly to the request,repositioning its aerial survey team and image processing equipment to theircompany headquarters in Fredericton, New Brunswick the same day.

Following direct liaison with the EMO, LEG quickly completed missionplanning and launched its first aerial survey mission only 18 hours afterreceiving the initial call from the New Brunswick Government. The days mission area, totaling morethan 1300 square kilometres, was acquired, immediately processed by LEG’stechnical team and 920 colour orthophotos were ready for delivery to EMO within24 hours. Working closely with the Government of New Brunswick, Leading EdgeGeomatics continued aerial surveying over the next week, flying various floodaffected areas throughout the province as the water reached peak levels anddelivering orthophotos shortly afterwards. In the end, LEG acquired over 7000 square kilometers,processing more than 5500 orthophotos as rapid response products.

Collected at 50cm resolution, the high-resolution imagery provided byLeading Edge Geomatics assisted the New Brunswick Government in immediately providingaid to flood affected residents and determining damage to infrastructure andproperty. Leading Edge Geomaticswill finalize its support to the Government of New Brunswick, delivering aseamless, colour orthomosaic in 60 days.



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