Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Geomarketing functions in MS Office 2007

The latest update for the acclaimed geomarketing software applications RegioGraph and DISTRICT makes it possible to perform geomarketing from directly within MS Office 2007’s Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The plug-in lets users easily implement geomarketing into their daily work routines.

Thanks to a new development by GfK GeoMarketing, users of the geomarketing solutions RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10 can access geomarketing functionality from directly within the Microsoft Office 2007 applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The 2008 update of RegioGraph and DISTRICT 10 includes this new plug-in along with a map set of a European country of choice and purchasing power data for European countries and regions. RegioGraph 10 is offered as a stand-alone product or bundled with Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition.

The Office 2007 Plug-In enables users to access RegioGraph and DISTRICT functions via a menu bar in the MS Office Suite applications. For example, after editing a sales structure in Excel, the file can be incorporated into the corresponding DISTRICT project without switching applications or going through a laborious export procedure. By the same token, users can import layer tables from a particular geomarketing project and edit them within Excel. Changes can then be implemented into the corresponding geomarketing project and reflected on the associated maps. Maps created in RegioGraph/DISTRICT can be opened directly within Word, Excel or PowerPoint. All of this is possible without lengthy export/import procedures.

Wolfram Scholz, GfK GeoMarketing’s managing director, emphasizes the user-friendliness of this new update: “With the new seamless integration of RegioGraph 10’s and DISTRICT 10’s functions into the well-known Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it’s easier than ever for users to adopt geomarketing as part of their daily work routines and quickly take advantage of the advantages this offers.”

2008 update includes the latest map set for a European country of choice
In addition to a comprehensive array of powerful tools for market analysis and sales territory planning, RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10 include a map set for a European country of choice as well as the corresponding purchasing power data (at GfK regions level). The market data and maps fit together seamlessly and are ready for use immediately following installation.

GfK has been calculating purchasing power since 1937. Purchasing power is the acknowledged benchmark for assessing consumer potential based on consumers’ places of residence. Up-to-date maps and market data on potential – such as GfK Purchasing Power – are essential building blocks for business success. Every year there are many administrative changes, such as the recent postcode reform in Italy. It’s vital that companies have access to the latest information on their areas of operation in order to accurately evaluate performance and take appropriate action.

“RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10 offer companies of all sizes comprehensive geomarketing support,” says Scholz. “The 2008 update gives users not only an invaluable basis for planning, but also a powerful and elegant tool in the form of the Office 2007 Plug-In. This new integration of geomarketing functionality into Microsoft’s products allows users to utilize the full scope and potential of RegioGraph 10 and DISTRICT 10.”

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