Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GEOKOSMOS Celebrates 15th Year

GEOKOSMOS celebrated its 15th Anniversary. During the celebration which was held in the “Rai” Club (Paradise), one of the best clubs in Moscow, Sergey Melnikov, GEOKOSMOS Group of Companies President, said: “All these years we have been committed to progress, innovations and excellence. We aimed to showcase the best of our services and state-of the-art technologies.”

It all started fifteen years ago with a group of enthusiasts – undergraduate and post-graduate students from the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography who decided to join their efforts and make a private geodetic laboratory. No one knew that within fifteen years the laboratory would grow into the leading surveying and mapping company in Russia and CIS. The 90s of the last century were tough years marked by a painful process of the post-Soviet economy transformation into the market-based economy. At that time a lot of enterprises appeared. Many of them came into vain; few ones managed to stand the test of time. GEOKOSMOS happened to be one of such companies. Gradually GEOKOSMOS expanded its activities at the international level.

At the awarding ceremony many of GEOKOSMOS people were thanked and congratulated for their accomplishments by Sergey Melnikov. In his turn, the company President heard a lot of heartwarming words from his friends, colleagues and partners who came to the anniversary from all over the world. Alexander Wiechert, Business Director, Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft Company, Bob Hanks, Worlwide Manager, Survey Department, Trimble, came up to the stage and congratulated Sergey Melnikov and his team. “I am sure it will inspire more creativity, understanding and collaboration between our companies” –Sergey answered.

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