Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CommunityCartography joins Halcrow as specialty mapping and GIS service

In purchasing the assets of CommunityCartography, Halcrow has enhanced its mapping, geographic information system (GIS), and geomatics services.

This service brings together mapping, modeling and database expertise with GIS and geomatics capabilities, such as remote laser scanning and three-dimensional visualization, to give clients an enhanced range of services. A revamped website at www.halcrow.com/maps has detailed capability information.

More Halcrow clients will now be able to benefit from the team’s ability to bring together many diverse and detailed data sets for a single location, analyze it, and then communicate it visually in a cost-effective way.

Digital cartography specialist Danielle Hartman has joined Halcrow to work directly with clients on their map-based and spatial database projects.

She brings to Halcrow the impeccable service values established at CommunityCartography, working with detailed local data and sophisticated mapping and data manipulation techniques to create unique maps, visualizations and applications

As well as enhancing Halcrow’s service offering to its existing clients, the team will also be expanding its services, initially within the USA but also working with selected clients around the world.

CommunityCartography – also known as ComCarto – was previously owned by Hydroqual.

Since 1997 the CommunityCartography team built up the most comprehensive range of data about the New York area, encompassing real estate, political, community, economic, geographical, and infrastructure information. It also serves its clients with maps, models, databases and interactive systems using data sets from around the world.

Halcrow purchased the assets of CommunityCartography in February 2008.

Halcrow Inc. “Halcrow”

Halcrow specializes in the provision of planning, design and management services for infrastructure development worldwide. Our purpose is to sustain and improve the quality of people’s lives.

Halcrow is an independent, international consulting firm, owned and managed by its employees and staff shareholders. In 2006, it achieved gross revenue of over US$660 million.

The firm’s 7,500 plus employees operate from a network of over 70 offices around the world, including 19 in North America.

Halcrow provides consulting engineering services and development advice to government departments, public-sector authorities and utilities, industrial and commercial firms, international funding agencies, financial institutions and private clients. www.halcrow.com.


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